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Stockholm Stuffing has a wide network of traffic sources which we use to drive quality traffic to select advertisers on the EU and US markets. Our largest regions are UK and Sweden, and our largest verticals are travel and finance.

  • Websites and blogs
  • Articles
  • SEM campaigns
  • Social networks

Please also see related companies Cunning Code AB and Cape Code AB.

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⇒ News ⇐

2010/03 Vi er rode, vi er hvide... we have begun creating content and contacts for Denmark. First up is the travel vertical, with some serious article writing for flight- and hotel bookings. We're also on the hunt for cheap bulk domain purchases down there.

2009/09 We have expanded to the German market, mostly with programs we previously had good experience with on other markets. We have begun purchasing and creating blogs, articles, etc.

2009/05 Stockholm Stuffing won the Tradedoubler competition for most increase in revenue for bythjul.com, Swedens largest online retailer for car tires. We did this mostly through SEM campaigns, and in total we increased traffic ten-fold compared to our normal traffic.

⇒ Programming ⇐

Besides the SEO/SEM business, we occasionally take on consulting jobs in the programming sector in general, Java in particular. Recent positions include

and we have mostly been working with server-side programming with things like concurrency, scaling and business engines. If you are building something in the Java language, we can do it very well.

⇒ Miscellaneous ⇐

Stockholm Stuffing is a privately held company. We are insured for liability and of course eligible for VAT. We are located on the Kungsholmen island of Stockholm City.

Inqueries about us or contact for other reasons go to info@stuffing.se. We have plenty of good references if you are interested in that, and we are always open to interesting programming and Internet projects.

We are certified as Google Adwords professionals and very experienced in handling large budgets with detailed follow-up.